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Forum Thread: Economic Surplus at all levels...

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Posted on: 7/11/14 2:48 AM

User C727
Joined: 7/11/2014
Posts: 5
"Empowerment of 'Surplus..."
(Link Intro)
When is "more" ever enough?
Ps. (Valid Economic Solution) ‘Selfless... Inc. believes the idea of acquiring "more" (jobs, etc) to harness surplus is a false ideology and our corporation will validly prove that within the "Unique-design combination" of “ROI” (return of interest/investment/contribution) that compounds annually. The infinite power of "absolute truth" provides answers to all global problems with "Love" as the driving force. In other words (Tangibly), the (U.S) IRS tax system is made as a banking investment system to contributors. “Empowerment of Surplus” (individually, locally, nationally, globally) means there are no sequestrations, no fiscal cliffs etc, ever...
 (Valid FB link visible w/o profile)
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