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Forum Thread: User Profile - View and Edit

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Posted on: 11/6/12 9:39 PM

User 99D3
Joined: 6/1/2012
Posts: 234
User Profile - View and Edit
User Profile
View and Edit

Your user profile will be your first identity with other competition participants.  Anywhere that participants click on your name, a small pop-up will show your online status, what team you are on, and your bio information. At the bottom of the pop-up they can click links to view your entire profile or contact you.

View Profile
To view your user profile, click on your name at the very top right of the page, click “User Profile” in the Dashboard drop-down menu, or click “User Profile” under the “Team Profile” box on the Dashboard page.

The User Profile page will display your bio information, team profile, recent forum posts, recent videos posts, and “Other” information requested by competition/prize administrators. You can also change your user status with the “Status” drop down menu. This allows you to change from “Available” to “Busy” so people know when you are available for chat messaging.

Edit Profile
To edit your profile, click “Edit” near the top-left of the page. From this page, you can edit your profile information.

To change your name, email, or password, just fill in appropriate text boxes. If you are changing your password, make sure to use exactly the same password in the “Confirm Password” box.

In the “Bio” text box, you can share about yourself; your history, education, and maybe even your dreams, goals, and aspirations. This text box gives you the same tools you might have in document software. You can change your font; bold, italicize, or underline your text; spell check; and many other text tools. You can even print a copy for your own records.

Underneath the “Bio” text box, you can edit your “Other Information.” Depending on how your competition is set up, there may or may not be info questions to answer in this section.

Upload Profile Image
To upload a profile picture, click on “Select” under “Upload Profile Image” on the right side of the page. This will bring you to a window where you can select an image from your files.

Once you have found and selected the image, click “Choose.” Your image will immediately begin uploading and will appear just below the “Upload Profile Image” box.

Upload Video Profile
To upload a video profile, click on “Upload Video” under “Upload Video Profile” on the right side of the page. This will bring you to a video upload window. Click “Choose File” to select a video from your files.

Once you have found and selected the video, click “Choose.” Now just click “Upload” to begin uploading your video. The window will say “Upload in Progress.” Depending on the size of your video, the upload time will vary.

Once the window says “Your video was successfully uploaded,” you can click “Close Window.” Your video has been uploaded, but it may be a few minutes before it actually appears on your profile.

If you want to delete a video that’s already there, click on the “Delete Video” check box above the video. When you save your changes, the video will be deleted.

If you want to cancel at any time, click “Cancel” at the top-left of the page. When you’re finished editing, click “Save” at the top-left of the page. You will be returned to your User Profile.

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