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Forum Thread: Project Areas

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Posted on: 2/25/14 4:01 PM

User 40FF
Joined: 2/13/2014
Posts: 1
Re: Boundary of Project Areas

Redevelopment Area boundaries can be found on the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency's website. A link has been provided under the "Build a Plan" section of this website.  You will also find a site map and a site plan for Cashman Center in that section. There is no map associated with business parks, so there is not one listed. 

Posted on: 2/22/14 7:32 PM

User 6957
Joined: 2/21/2014
Posts: 1
Boundary of Project Areas

Where are the boundary areas defined?  I found some information describing the Medical District but  I have not found firm bounds for other areas.  Also, have not seen any description of the concerns that the city is trying to address in each study area.  Is it economic viability of existing businesses in the area? failure to maintain existing business? crime?

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