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Forum Thread: 'Surplus... (Business and/or person)

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Posted on: 9/19/14 6:32 AM

User C727
Joined: 7/11/2014
Posts: 5
"E.O" Surplus Transparency (Capitalism Decoded)
Link Intro: (May 'We... ask) When/If you reduce the percent of your taxes, will you get an increase in your earnings without getting "more"/higher pay, sales or salary?
What IRS determined investment can you make to both reduce your taxes (Individually, locally and/or nationally), and maximize a tax free return for increase in your (business/person) potential "earnings" at a 50% AGI limitation "ROI"? Only one "E.O" de
coded capitalism to facilitate an "Empowerment of Surplus" to benefit All.

Ps. Ultimately, the tax budget is divided twofold as “Education experience”, which, your contributed "investments" positively offsets for the “Residential experience”. As a result, you are paying yourself at your discretion, but getting an exponential return at all levels for an “Empowerment of Surplus.”
(Valid FB link visible w/o profile)

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